Zilker Garden Festival

So this weekend I went to the Zilker Garden Festival. It was very nice and the ticket wasn’t too terribly much. The gardens are lovely any time of year. They have a Japenese Garden , pond and waterfall, a butterfly garden, a rose garden with pond. They also have a neat Pioneer Village with a relocated 1800s cabin, log school house, well and functioning blacksmith shop. Having vendors selling plants, food and products was a bonus. The flower show inside was good as well. They had a beautiful begonia in a terrarium that won a ribbon as well as a gorgeous display of orchids that the club had brought in. There were also some neat bonzai.




Not so lovely was parking and traffic. It is $5 to park across the street in the lot but traffic to get there was awful. So I parked by the overpass to Mopac. Quite a walk. Thankfully, on my way out they had a golf cart driving people back down there. So, I got zipped all the way from the middle of the park’s Pioneer village to the edge of the park right next to the highway.

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