Lost & Forgotten Photos

Those old unmarked photos in antique stores make me kind of sad. I love photography and family history, so to think that no one wants those photos any more is a little disheartening. Either the young people have no idea who those people are anymore or everyone in that family line has passed away.

This past week I was shopping in my local thrift store looking for old photo albums. (Im re-doing all my mom’s albums as her’s have heat damage and the plastic pages melted).

Generally, this store always has emptied them of photos. But a few pages were stuck together. On those pages were the above photos. Appear to be from the 40s and 50s of the same young man. No names listed.

It would be great to find them a new home in either someone’s scrapbook or collage.

Lost some photos of your own? Check out http://www.deadfred.com which tries to find the owners of old photos.


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