Name that Appliance

So, I was wandering thru my favorite thrift store and came upon this oddity tucked in with the washing machines. I’d never seen one before so thought I’d snap a few photos and look it up online.

I supposed maybe it was a clothes press or iron. Seems a bit odd to have such a large item just to iron clothes.

Turns out this is an Ironrite model 85 I think with its original chair.

View the 1940s advertising video and you’ll learn that this is an easy and relaxing way to iron all your clothes and draperies. Iron a sheet or curtain in 15 mins instead of an hour! Just a little practice and hand / knee coordination and you are all set!

All joking aside, I’m sure it was an improvement in some ways over the iron you had to heat on the stove or early electric models that had no temperature controls. Nowadays, we have it easy with little electric irons with buildt in steam and mist that we can buy for less than $10, not to mention wrinkle resistant fabrics. Still, I rarely if ever iron anything because I am lazy.


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