Real Vintage Auctions

If only I lived in New York, then I too could attend lovely auctions. I could see and ( dare I say) buy really high quality vintage clothes. I’m not talking some cute outfits from the 1980s. I’m talking museum quality pieces from the 1880s. In the mean time, I can at least ogle the auction photos. Here is a link to the auction website.

A beautiful vibrant purple sari evening gown from the 1950s. Very modern style, you could see this on the red carpet these days.

purple sari

A lovely white organdy dress from the 1860s. Worthy of Scarlett herself. Embellished with green blue beetle elytra. What are elytra you ask. These iridescent shimmery bits are pieces of scarab beetle shells or “wings”. You can actually still buy these in jewelry supply stores and online.

Poofy Dress


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