Emmy Fashion 2010

Well, it is a bit delayed…. But I love the whole red carpet experience. Better than watching the actual show sometimes. Occasionally, people wear ridiculous things. Makes you wonder how they can spend thousands on a dress and have a stylist and no one mentions how unflattering and silly they look. However, for the most part I will be focusing on my favorite actors who look pretty nice.

Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester)


What a bombshell! What a surprise after all the track suits on the show glee. Before I would have called her “handsome” but now honestly she is really pretty. Beautiful color, classic design, nice make-up and flattering cut.

Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones)

Gorgeous diva as always. I love the Greek influence of this dress. The white also stands out beautifully against her great skin. Cute hair style as well.

Jayma Mays (Emma Pillsbury)

Pretty as always, classic cut with a bit of whimsy. My only concern is still looks too thin. Missed having her in the latest episode of Glee.

Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray)


I shouldn’t like this dress, but she really pulls it off. It has that frufru Gone With the Wind type skirt with a twist. Black and pink always work well together as do ribbon and lace.

Mad men, mad men…whatya gonna do…


Not the most adventurous choices, but with men’s formal attire there aren’t alot of options. They of course look very dashing as always.

Christina Hendricks (Joanie Harris)

joan holloway

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but she is totally one of my top 5 actresses ever! That being said, I’m kind of on the fence on this dress. I love the lavender color and flowing feathery skirt. I even get that she is trying to break out from the typical Joanie dress. But in all honesty, not the most flattering on her and her make-up is a bit too washed out.

January Jones (Betty Draper)


Wow, now there is a daring and original dress. I love the fabric, texture and color. Nice legs and she manages to pull off the train and short skirt combo. Kind of futuristic. Works for the Emmy’s but in real like not so much. The top is a bit Madonna and perhaps makes her chest look a little smaller than normal.

Elizabeth Moss (Peggy Olsen)


Ah, my role model. Once again a sort of a Greek style dress with a pretty flowing skirt and a bit of a train. I know the one shoulder dress is very popular a t the moment. Not sure that much knotting is necessary piled up all on the shoulder but overall very good.

Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson)


Oh, Doogie how you’ve grown! Here finally is a creative men’s suit. Love the gray and black combo and the skinny tie. Plus, his boyfriend is hot.

Alan Cumming (MC from Cabaret)


I love everything this man does! I don’t know if it is his sly smile or the fact that he’s Scottish, but he is always charming and manages to be quite creative in his choice of attire. This is actually rather demur for him. Interesting kerchief and shoes. My only though it the jacket could have been a bit more tailored.

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