Cha cha changes…

Has anyone else been a little thrown off by Etsy rearranging their pages?

I know its just little things and I’ll get used to them. The shift of the sidebar from the right side to the left side just seems a bit weird. I understand they are trying to bring everything in line with the look of the Your Etsy tab were all the tools or menus are on the left. A little factoid though, thanks to google search pages most people look to the far left side for valuable content and consider the right side for extras and ads. I kinda of likeled it better when my shop was arranged with all the important stuff (ie items) on the far left. I do like that they widened the content as most people have wider screens nowadays.

I other news: I’m way behind on my blog reading and commenting. Don’t worry I still love you guys and will catch up soon. I am also having a big moving sale so etsy items are marked way low. For example, full slip for under $5. Who can say no? Also, coming up some classic records from Sinatra and Dean Martin which I scored at an awesome estate sale.

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