Etsy Love July

I haven’t posted an Etsy Love post in a while, so here are a few of my favorites. I’m constantly amazed at all the great items, great people and great prices over on etsy.

etsy love

These sellers are:
paperplatypus – Paper Butterfly Sample, 1 Kendra Butterfly
DrikaB – birds in brown basic tote
ethanollie – Vintage Bakelite Kodaslide ‘Merit’ Projector
karaku – Wooden trunk boxed – Number and Sign Stamps
Deliverance05 – Five Petal Origami Flower – Recycled Literature
morrowlane – Kafka Ring The Metamorphosis
GrandAndTaylor – Classic Literature Set of 3 Vintage Books Poe Stevenson Irving
TheDailyFoto – 15 May 10 – 6×9 Fine Art Daily Photo
cmyk – Tiny Brass Book Lockets – 4pcs


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