Antique Books

Thought I’d share a beautiful old book from my personal collection. This is the classic Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. Its a Christian tale written in 1678. Many people owned only two books. The Bible and this one.


My copy is the edition from 1859 published in Oxford and edited by a famous Anglican hymn-maker Rev. John Neale.


They rarely make books to this quality nowadays. Hardcopy covered in embossed leather and gold. Has black and red ink on every page. Marbled inside cover with two etchings of interestng scenes.

pilgrim progress

My parents bought this back in the early 1970’s in London. Gave it to my grandmother who simply kept it untouched on her bookshelf. I did however find a photo of my brother as a toddler tucked between the pages.

Valued somewhere between $60-180, but not for sale. See my flickr for more photos of it.

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