Lovely Ladies

Well, it is always interesting to see who men consider “hot”. I’m not usually a reader of Maxim, unless they have someone I adore on the cover. This week they came out with their Hot 100 List. Similar to People’s ranking of the sexiest men. While most of them are models I’ve never heard of, a few are style icons who I like. These ladies are not only lovely to look at but are talented actresses and singers. Often, they are also good role models of strong successful women.


Scarlett Johanssen comes in at number 14. The above picture is from the movie the Black Dahlia. Not my favorite movie, but has lovely period costumes. They have a few more photos of her in that movie. I particularly like her black hat with the Russian lace veil over her face.

Eliza Dushku is ranked as 26. Why, oh why, did they have to cancel Dollhouse? What a great vehicle for acting a different role every week? Once Joss Whedon took full creative control after the first few episodes it was really starting to get good.

January Jones is number 33. Her Grace Kelley style from Mad Men is always a style inspiration.

Angelina Jolie is number 38. Certainly, a woman who does her own thing. I admire are the charity work she does and her bringing attention to good causes. Also check her out in the movie the Changeling (based on real events) which has nice 1920s costumes.

Coming in at 48 is Emmy Rossum. She has an amazing voice. Who can forget the movie version of the Phantom of the Opera?

Zooey Deschanel is number 78. Do I even need to mention 500 Days of Summer as a style inspiration? She always dresses well and never in a cookie cutter way. Try watching the lesser know movie Flakes. Set in New Orleans and is very accurate to the vibe there.

Anna Paquin is number 84. How can you resist the wonderful supernatural soap opera that is True Blood?


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