I just discovered that Goodwill has an online auction site. A thrift store online, how awesome. Apparently, they were also voted one of the Top 500 websites for 2009 by Time magazine. I guess I’ve been living in a cave or something as I didn’t know the site existed.

They have some rather good items, usually for really cheap. Various stores pick out the best items to list. Vintage clothes, books, cameras, jewelry, etc. It is auction style bidding so if the item is valuable, like the above Titanic 1st Edition prices can go up.

vintage black hat

Some things do slip under the radar though. This gorgeous vintage velvet hat with black Russian lace went for just $8. Also, fur coats seem to be going for really low prices.

The only problem is that it terms of site design and photo quality, it isn’t the most beautiful or user friendly site. Especially, if you compare it to Etsy. In that regard, I suppose it is rather like the real thrift stores. You don’t go there for a boutique atmosphere, you go for a bargain. Plus, all proceeds go to charity. It is definitely worth checking out.

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