Mad Men Dolls

Oh my god, a Mad Men Barbie!
Mad Men Barbie

My inner child is rejoicing. We have Don Draper looking good as always. Then Betty who is wearing a lovely gown. And then Roger Sterling in a dashing suit. And of course the true “doll” of the show Joan Holloway. She even comes with her gold pen necklace and is wearing the purple suit she actually wore in an episode. Not sure I’ll be able to afford them all, as the Barbie collections are getting rather pricey. But we shall see.

Can’t wait til they come out in July? Then check out these awesome vintage reproduction dolls (you may even find some originals if you look online) Barbies.

vintage repros

Here we have School Teacher Barbie from 1965 and Pan-Am Stewardess from 1966. The teacher reminds me a bit of Emma Pillsbury from Glee. And hey, Mad Men has had a similar flight attendant.

barbie nurse african american 1960s
Then they have two 1960s nurses. And what’s this?… a black Barbie from 1968 from a show called Julia. Who knew things were so progressive back then? By the time I was a kid, I was lucky to find a Barbie with a career who wasn’t a blond. And the other nurse is from 1961 which comes with an adorable cape which is a little bit of an WWI style outfit from Atonement. Check out the groovy cat eye glasses.

campus barbie

Next up, College Barbies. We have Cheerleader and Campus Sweetheart Barbies from 1965 and 1964. What happened, no librarian Barbie, no Chemistry Professor Barbie? Nice ballgown though.

barbie vintage gowns

Then we have two more vintage reproduction Barbies with very lovely dresses. The first is from 1962 with the classic bubble hair cut, she reminds me a bit of Elizabeth Taylor. This is the Barbie which showed up in an episode of Mad Men I believe (though not in this fab dress). The second is actually named Midge, Barbie’s best friend. Not being a Barbie expert, I had never seen or heard of Midge only Skipper. Midge does look a bit like Peggy Olsen, perhaps it is the flipped hair.

Not enough dolls for you? Check out some Hollywood inspired ones. James Bond, Star Trek, I Love Lucy, Grease (with a pink haired Frenchy), Wizard of Oz, International Barbies (with tribal tattoes!) They even have designer couture Barbies.

FYI My favorite Barbie growing up was Peaches and Cream, who could forget that awesome gown? All these years later, I’m still a bit obsessed with formal wear.

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