Vintage Shoes

I bought three pairs of shoes on my last trip to Goodwill. Every once in a while you can find some good quality ones. Never in my size of course but someone will reap the benefit. Thought I’d include some tips and tricks on finding and dating vintage shoes.

Leather Sandal Heels

What I Look For

1) Attractiveness – truly ugly shoes won’t sell no matter how old they are. ( I like peep toe, sling-backs, and chunky heels)

2) Condition – they should be well made to begin with and be in nice enough condition to survive shipping, wearing or displaying

3) Quality – they should be made from high quality materials, real leather, nice stitching, wood or leather soles. Handmade imports from Europe are often good quality.

4) Brand – if it is the same brand you find at Target probably not a vintage shoe regardless of style 😉 Check google to find info on brands and when they started.

General Facts

Exotic leathers (crocodile, lizard. alligator) are commonly used for shoes during WWll because they weren’t rationed or used for the war effort.

Remember – “Croc has a dot, alligator not” when identifying skins. The dot is in the middle of the scale.

Open toe and the sling back in the late 1930s – never before.

Stiletto heels began in Italy in 1955 and pointed toes in 1957.

Shoes made between 1800-1860 never have right or left sole shapes unless they were made to order to fit a client’s foot.

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