Luck of the Irish

Well, I found a new thrift store. Picked up some nice goodies. It is a Goodwill store. The ones in my area have discount cards which cost $5 but then give you 10% all purchases for the rest of the year. Plus prices were way cheap anyway. I bought several items and only spent $40.

They were also having a sale on sweaters. So I picked up this lovely bright green cashmere cardigan. I love cashmere and angora. They are so soft.

green cashmere cardigan

This one is interesting. It has nice brass buttons with the Coat of Arms of the British Crown on it. But it was made by an American company called Dalton. It is also my first WPL number on a tag. These were later replaced by RN numbers.

I also rummaged thru there slip selection. Clearly no one else looks there. I got a wedding slip for way cheap. These retail for upwards of $50. Like most things bride related they mark up the price like crazy when you buy new. I also got two more full skirted flowing slips which I don’t usually see. They will be up for sale soon.

The wedding slip has come in handy. I’ve used it to retake some pics of the vintage wedding gown I have up and the red petticoat skirt as well. Now you can really see the fullness they are supposed to have.

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