Valentine’s – Etsy Love

Double the Love: a Valentine’s themed Etsy Love post

I found these pretties searching for things on Etsy. Rather simple word search “valentines”.


First up a cute little Valentine’s Day card. This one is a hug ticket with a modern design and custom photo.

red dress full skirt

Wow! What a dress. Awesome vintage style shirtwaist. Something Betty Draper or Donna Reed would wear. Lovely collar and belt details.

red hat
I totally adore this hat. Red with black netting lace. Definitely check out the other views as it looks even better from the front.

red dress design
This dress is so cute. It has a little print to the red fabric with little hearts and a nice “peter pan” style collar.

heart necklace

A really unique take on the heart shaped necklace. This has “i love you” written in different languages like hebrew and japanese. Does anyone else remember the song “Love in Any Language” from grade school? We totally sang it and signed it in music class.

valentine card NYC

Finally, a classic Valentine’s Day card with an adorable illustration. There is a little dog with a heart shaped balloon looking at the Brooklyn bridge.

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