Valentine’s Day Dresses

Went to my favorite thrift store yesterday as they were having a big sale. Bought two Valentine’s Day dresses though it wasn’t my intention. Didn’t even realize the connection til I got home.

The first is a cute pale pink number with faded cream lace. It seems to be in a Prairie Revival style. I can just see the little teenager who bought it for her first formal dance. Didn’t you know that back in the 1890s people would wear sleeveless pale pink lacy dresses 😉 It is a very small size. I worry when things actually fit my mannequin without pinning.

The second is a stunning deep red dress. It has sort of a WWII and asian feel to it. How it can be both I’m not sure. Likely it is from the 70s or 80s, trying to look like an older style. It has a mandarin collar and little pleated cap sleeves. But it also has a long flowing skirt and a unique hidden button wrap front bodice. And amazingly it is plus sized! Most everything I find is super small.


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