Glove Crazy

I went a bit mad buying gloves last weekend at the flea market. 7 pairs! But the guy gave me such a deal for buying all of them, I couldn’t resist. It always pays to go late on the last day.

So two cloth pairs. One white wrist length with cute little embellishments. One sort of gray taupe that has a faux crocodile skin leather look.

Five leather pairs of gloves. My first true deadstock find. White leather from a french department store called Aux Trois Quartiers, with the tag still connecting them. These seem to have longer fingers than some of the other vintage gloves I’ve had. Two pairs of super soft black leather gloves. One pair of long white leather kid gloves. And one pair of ivory leather gloves with nice detail stitching and a little cut out design.

I now have a ban on buying any more gloves until I sell some of these pairs. Unless of course I find a nice vintage pair that actually fits me 🙂 I realize the style back then was for absolutely skin tight gloves. They used to have little buttons at the wrist and glove hooks just to be able to fit into a smaller glove! Occasionally, I can find a pair that I can just squeeze my hand into but its really not comfortable. Where are the elusive size 8 gloves?

glove hook

Found an interesting site about glove and button hooks, I’d never actually seen one before.

Also, if you haven’t read it, check out my entry on glove sizing.

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