Brand Names

Generally, I’m not much for the fancy brand names. (My Scottish heritage just makes me too cheap to pay $1000 for a bag 😉 )

But on my last 2 thrift store trips I seemed to have luck finding vintage brand name items. Two silk neckties by Christian Dior, which ended up going to my father for Christmas. ( $5 each ! ) What a bargain and oddly from two different stores.

And this lovely green v-neck sweater vest from Polo by Ralph Lauren. Ooo, lambswool. Sadly, about 1 size too small for me. It is soft and warm in a pretty dark forest green color and even has the iconic little red logo on the front.

Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater Vest

Sorry, I’ve been a little neglectful in posting and shopping. I’ve been a bit under the weather lately. If only I had been sick when I was snowed in for 3 days at Christmas! We still have piles of snow around which is almost unheard of here 2 weeks after the snow fell. Last week I could even walk on the pond outside my apartment.

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