Homemade Home

Watched a great show this weekend featuring junking.

kirstie's homade home

For those lucky enough to be British, there is a great show called Kirstie’s Homemade Home. It is about refurbishing and decorating a country home in Devon room by room. And the focus is on using all second-hand or handmade furniture, hardware, and decor.

Pretty interesting overall and a well-made show. I caught episode 3 which showed the host Kirstie going to a salvage yard for a fireplace, learning to knit, going to a local artist and homes for color inspiration, learning to make her own lampshade and going to a local blacksmith.

Check out their website which has quite a bit of content or try to snag a clip online if the show isn’t available in your area.

(Edit 1/1/2010)
I’ve managed to watch a few more episodes and catch her Homemade Christmas shows. Pretty good. Very interesting bit making ribbon roses. Who knew it was so easy?

I actually like how Kirstie is such a crafting novice. It makes you feel like anyone cans learn the things she is doing. She also brings a lot of excitement when she actually achieves something. I like Martha Stewart as well, but she does everything to perfection so it is a little discouraging. If only American cable would pick up more British shows. BBC America seems to just play the same 5 shows over and over. Or if the British would make their websites will full episodes accessible to people outside of the UK.


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