times they are a’changing

Just watched the season 3 finale of Mad Men. A little behind I know. I loved it! What a story arc, such great writing.

You may have noticed in the very beginning that Don wakes up to a little folding alarm clock. Well I bought one not a week ago. Mine is cool and coral red though. Still works too! And its hands glow delicately in the dark.

folding alarm clock

If you haven’t seen all the episodes yet you might want to skip the rest of this entry.

The writers on this show are quite skillful. Looking back now I can see all the major events of this season were leading up to this finale. The slow demise of Sterling Cooper (and the birth of Sterling Cooper Draper & Pryce). What is this a law office now 😉

It started with the sale to the Brits and the break of friendship between Draper and Roger. From then on I had kind of noticed less cohesion in the office side of the show. No one seemed to be working together and little was shown of the creative process which is something I have always loved about the show. Then there was the firing of Sal shortly after he finally realized he was gay (hope he comes back). Joan leaving because she became Mrs Harris (I’ve missed her in the last few episodes). Pete and Ken competing for the same job. Peggy and Kensey fighting. Peggy and Pete considering leaving the agency. Draper scolding Peggy like a little girl for simply asking for a raise or promotion. Not to mention the lawnmower accident!

All this to lead up to a few core characters restarting the agency on there own to prevent being bought out by yet another company. Just as if you were at the end of a bad relationship, by this point you are not bothered by things breaking up. You are actually happy to see them leave and start over. I can’t wait to see what happens next season.

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