Mad Men – Joan Paper Doll

Awesome Joan paper doll set from Mad Men made by Dyna Moe

Mad Men Joan Doll

These are pretty freakin’ sweet. And so detailed and accurate on her dresses.

What you’ve never seen her illustrations on flickr? Check them out! A scene for each episode of all three seasons of Mad Men and a paper doll set of Joan Holloway for each season. She also did the Mad Men Yourself thing on the AMC website.

Dyna Moe also has a free calendar kit to make your own calendar using whatever illustrations you choose. Unfortunately, she can’t sell them this year. But you can get creative and make your own.

Boo, on Lionsgate for getting all strict with their copyright. Why, would you be all down on fan art? It is free publicity, crazies! You’d think they would be paying her to make all these illustrations! Instead she does them out of love of the show and can’t even make a few bucks selling her art.

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