Hello Sally

Well, I finally went and bought a head stand. They are so cheap, $5 from Hobby Lobby!

Why didn’t I do this before? I have a small stash of vintage hats that I haven’t tried to sell cause I don’t like trying to take pics of myself. Everything looks better on a model even if it is just a mannequin.

So, I have named her Sally. I think I may try to get my artist friend to paint some stylized eyes on her. What do you think? Better white and plain or painted?

brown fur hat

She is wearing an old purple Halloween wig I had back in 2003 when I was a faery. I haven’t been able to bring myself to get rid of it as it is so pretty. It is much better than some of the cheapo wigs you get at Halloween stores.

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love vintage hats? I have about 10 of them. Strangely I never wear them, isn’t that silly? They look fine but I am just not brave enough to use them for everyday. Hardly anyone wears hats anymore. It is such a shame. Up until the end of the 1960s everyone wore hats (and gloves) everyday, everywhere. It was unseemly not to wear one.


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