Cat in the Box

Lately, I seem to have a thing for vintage luggage. You know the lovely 1960s hard plastic type. Why does luggage today have to be all black canvas and so cheaply made? Not to mention identical to every other person at the airport.

retro luggage

This is a lovely yellow set I got at a yard sale. I was putting some vintage goodies inside to keep them stored nicely. Immediately, my cat decided it was the place to be. (He loves sitting in cardboard boxes also). He sat there for like 5 mins until I finally took him out. Eventually, I’ll put this up on etsy but not quite yet.

I also have several train cases. The brown round one is the coolest. It stores my vintage hats. Also a magenta rectangle one, a yellow one that matches the above suitcase and an olive green one. The green one is Samsonite and the newest addition. The green one I got just to sell. That means I can keep the others a little longer, yay! I can’t really justify hogging 4 train cases.

They make great make-up bags or with a little padding a camera bag.


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