Black and White and Red All Over

My love of all things prom seems to be bleeding over into my thrift store purchases and etsy sales.

At various times I’ve had as many as 8-10 formal dresses in my closet. Some are from my own prom and dances (3 proms for me and 1 winter formal, aren’t I lucky).

Now that I sell things occasionally I can justify buying those small sized beautiful dresses that don’t fit me. Hopefully, some other lady will find the cute dress they are looking for through me.

prom dresses

Yesterday, I was killing a half hour and found 2 cute dresses with lovely dress clips or brooches attached. One pair of gold and ruby the other huge rhinestones. I think they must have come from the same person as they are the same style and size. I actually notice that a lot in thrift stores, especially with shoes.

The red velvet formal dress that I just bought was actually a Gunne Sax by Jessica McClintock. I thought Gunne Sax was all Victorian or fru fru Prairie dresses but this one seems more Old Hollywood 1930’s insprired.

Last week I sold the first evening gown I ever bought. When i bought it new it was a $100 black velvet number, very classic. They got a deal at $30.


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