Vintage Scarf Three Ways

A few weeks ago I got a bundle of silk scarves from my favorite thrift store. One of them was a nice polka dot long thin scarf. It was actually the reason I got the bundle. I have a thing for polka dots in case you couldn’t tell.

Turns out this Mod little silk scarf was made by Vera Neumann. It has a little signature sewn into the pattern in the corner. At first I couldn’t make out what it said. Usna ? Vsna ? Ugna ? Luckily I have google which told me that it was actually Vera. I even found an informative page all about Vera Neumann.

Apparently, she and her husband started making silk scarfs after WWII. She was from Ossining, New York near Manhattan. Her company was quite successful and is still around though it was eventually sold to a different company.

silk scarf vera

I love this scarf it is so versatile! It’s an interesting shape with slanted edges which makes it fall very gracefully. The colors are a very subtle and autumn toned pale brown with white polka dots. If I were a French lady I could probably come up with 15 different ways to wear scarves. For the time being here are three. And of course as a headband.


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