Sharing the addiction ….

I think I’ve gotten my father interested in estate sales. Lately, I’ve been telling him about my selling vintage clothes online. This weekend he told me about an estate sale by his house and a yard sale.

The yard sale was pretty small. Not a lot to offer. There was a vintage Hawaiian dress but it was just a little too bright and 70s even for me. However, I did spy a set of vintage luggage. A big suitcase, a medium suitcase and a little train case. The good 60s kind that is hard plastic by Samsonite.

Shopping for me is a little like buying a used car. You have to pretend not to be too interested. “Oh, how much are those old suitcases?” (You know the ones I’ve already seen the price tags on?) I haggle a bit and say what about this much. The first lady wasn’t really having it and was telling me that it was only the first day of the sale. However, a second woman stepped in ready to haggle with a more reasonable price which was 20% down from the marked price. So obviously, I bought them. For the time being they will make excellent storage for my vintage goods.

The next day we hit the estate sale early in the morning. No vintage clothes 😦 They did have a nice 12 piece set of leather working tools which my dad bought for $7.50 and will be able to use. They had some decent furniture but that is really not my thing as I have too much furniture of my own. Going through the garage I found some old Polaroid cameras. Interesting but I really don’t know what has value.

I did however find an old typewriter still in its traveling case. I asked how much its was. $15 even I’m not going to haggle with that. It is an adorable powder blue. Olympia Deluxe made in Western Germany in 1962 apparently. All the keys work but they stop just short of the paper. I’ll have to look into getting it repaired and maybe finding more ink ribbons as I am not certain the one on there has ink left on it. But getting them into working condition is half of their charm. The laptop of the 1960s journalist I suppose. It only weighs 20 pounds! That’s sooo portable.

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