The (Gran) Mother Load

My friend’s grandmother passed away a few months ago. She will be greatly missed and had a vibrant personality right up to the end. She was an avid country western dancer and fashion-ista. She had a lifetime of clothes, shoes and jewelry. Everything from cute Audrey Hepburn style little black dresses to crazy bright abstract earrings.

A few weeks ago my friend gave me a bunch of her grandmother’s vintage costume jewelry after the family had picked out what they wanted to keep. She asked if I thought I could sell it on etsy. I said of course.


This is the huge amount of stuff I got. Literally hundreds of pair of earrings. Most of them still with their matching pair. How she kept them all together I don’t know. Well, one cute way was using old candy boxes as jewelry boxes. If you look close there is a TexAnas caramel box from Fort Worth, Texas in the 60s. She had at least 20 bracelets. Tons of western jewelry from her square dancing.

The funniest thing are the 20+ plastic 1980s T-Shirt Clips. Remember those! Got to cinch in those enormous neon t-shirts right?

So most of the jewelry and jewelry boxes on my etsy lately with be from her collection. Coming soon will be lots, as I couldn’t possibly sell everything individually. It would take forever and overrun my shop.


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