Estate Sales

It certainly pays to visit estate sale both early and late. I happened by a random estate sale in my parent’s neighborhood while I was running errands. They live in a nice historic area and you rarely see estate sales there.

It was 4pm and their sign said 7am-3pm, but there were still people about so I went in. I hadn’t brought much cash so I would have to be choosy. Luckily everything was 50% off the already cheap prices.

What an adorable house! Built in the 1930s, the lady who lived there hadn’t changed the wall paper since the 50s or 60s. Crazy bright floral prints. Her kitchen even had a working vintage stove from the 50s which no one had bought! If only I was in the market for a stove.

I did buy a vintage cookbook. The Joy of Cooking from 1946! For 75 cents!

Retro Joy of Cooking 1946

My copy looks just like this one on etsy from mysecretvintagelife but mine has writing inside and some spots on the cover as apparently the original owner Mrs Mary Tinker really used it. She even tucked little notes into it. Plus, the book itself has all these quaint recipes that aren’t all in later versions. I use a more current version and love it cause it is like an encyclopedia. It has practically any recipe you can think of cooking.

I also got 2 vintage full slips which fit me. A black one and a cream one. Two dollars each! A giant silk scarf with fall leaves which I just sold on etsy. A pack of 5 small scarves or handkerchiefs for $1.50.

What I didn’t buy but wish I had. A vintage red patent leather purse. Perfect condition, boxy 50s or 60s style. Only $8. Apparently, I thought it was “too expensive”. Sometimes, my frugal Scottish side just goes too far.

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