Julia Child

So, of course, I’ve seen the lovely Julie/Julia movie. I’ve always been a big fan of Julia Child (well any cooking show really and I love PBS).

I made my first Julia Child recipe this weekend, not to mention my first French recipe. Generally, I’m not so good with sauces which are a mainstay of French cooking. Anywho, the Chicken & Onions in Cream Sauce came out quite lovely. Her Mastering the Art of French Cooking is really very informative on techniques rather than a simply list of ingredients.

Browsing around on Etsy I bought another Julia Child cookbook from 1978 (Julia Child and Company) and this one has pictures! In her first cookbook, photos were the only thing I thought was lacking, which is not surprising since it was from the 60s. By the way vintage Julia Child cook books have been making huge money on Ebay, like $300!

My book arrived and it is signed by Julia and her husband Paul. Pretty nifty for just $8!

Julia Child Doll
I also found the cutest little Julia Child doll outfit from pistachiolibby!


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