Brooches & Lots

I’ve been on a bit of a brooch craze lately. Though strangely I have yet to wear any of them. Must be my magpie tendencies for shiny pretty things 😉

Silver Vintage Brooch Jewelery

A month or so ago I got this pretty silver rhinestone brooch at a flea market for about $8. Then about a week ago I got a little fake gold and seed pearl pin at a thrift store. It even came on a vintage black lacy slip. A type I’d never seen before, it was pantaloons with a sleeveless top attached. Pretty cute!

Then yesterday I bought a lot of jewelry bits on etsy. I love lots! This one had several brooches, pins and earrings. Putting in the term “lot” to search in the vintage section is a little dangerous…..I might buy too much. I restrained myself from getting a box full of scarfs and gloves. It was packed in there and the photo was just a big pile. The bargain and mystery almost got the better of me.


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