How to Remove Price Marks from Vintage Items

You know those annoying handwritten price marks you find on great vintage items? Whether it is a nice china plate or a vinyl record, you have hope of removing it. The trick is to get rid of the mark without ruining your item.

If you’re lucky it is written in a wax pencil. These leave big black or red writing that looks like a cross between a crayon and a marker. They are popular at garage sales and thrift stores because they write on almost anything: glass, plastic, glossy paper, wet surfaces, and paper.

Step 1: Evaluate your items
(ie is it so fragile I may cause more harm than good?)

Step 2: Rub the mark with soft dry paper like a paper towel. It should come easily off non-porous surfaces.

Step 3: Use a good pencil eraser to gently remove any remaining traces.

If you have writing on non-glossy paper like a sewing pattern, wax pencil can be difficult to remove with the above method. Instead use an art pencil eraser like a Magic Rub.

grease pencil mark stain

After: How to remove wax pencil marks stains

See my flickr for more examples
PS I love Streisand and her sexy eyes on this vinyl record cover


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