Vintage Nylon Stockings

Well I have to say I was rather surprised by the vintage stockings I bought at a flea market a few weeks ago. They are completely different from the modern pantyhose we wear now which I hate cause they are scratchy and always getting runs.

I purchased the vintage ones cause they were still in the original box and were really cheap especially for two unused pairs and they were an interesting glittery gold color. Though I knew they’d never fit me as I’m rather tall and they don’t stretch as much as today’s. Not to mention they have to be worn with garters which I don’t have. I thought I’d put them up on etsy and make someone else happy.

What amazed me about the vintage stockings was how soft and silky they really were. Also, that they were actually shaped to fit your leg. I suppose its because they had to replace the real silk stockings that ladies wore before WWII. Even nylon stockings were in short supply during the wore because nylon was needed for the war effort as was the silk. Apparently after the war was over women stood in line for hours once nylon stockings were on sale again.

Vintage Nylon Stockings


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