That was fast….

Well, I just had my fastest etsy sale this weekend. It sold in less than 6 hours. So fast that when i checked my etsy store I thought it was a mistake that my item wasn’t showing at the top. 🙂

It was a gorgeous little travel memento book from Florence with a set of 32 postcards inside. Upon closer inspection I realize now that it was hand-tinted B&W photos from the 1920s and 1930s.


Ricordo de Firenze. Only 11 libraries in the world own it. Perhaps I should have priced it higher! Anyway, my loss is someone else’s gain and as long as I make a small profit I’m happy. Check out my flickr for photos of some of the cards.

I originally picked it up because I’ve been to Florence (granted only an hour layover between trains). But this book had a pic of the train station with its grassy lawn that we had a little picnic on. And the nearby church Santa Maria Novella I believe. I met the most charming little old man in a camera shop in the piazza of the church. I dropped off a digital camera card and begged him to put it on disk in 30min though normally it would have been about 2hrs since I had a train to catch. He did it though he hardly spoke any English. When I picked them up I tried to offer him a small tip for his trouble. He only laughed and gave me a European kiss on the cheek.


I absolutely loved Italy. Beautiful and has the most friendly and kind people everywhere though rarely speak much English unless they are young.

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