An innocent trip to the Farmer’s Market goes astray….

So I went to a new Farmer’s Market in town today. Innocently thinking of just buying tasty produce for cheap. Then I see signs for Flea Market today. Uh oh, I’m rather low on funds and buying more stuff not really in my budget at the moment.

At first, I see old 80’s picture frames and junk. Then a table of 1000 count Egyptian sheets that weren’t even soft and the guy had a lovely prepared speech too. Safe so far.

Then the book table. A bit of a weakness since I used to be a librarian. My stack of pre 1940’s books starts to pile up. Tennyson’s Princess, Anderson’s Fairy Tales, Jane Austen Sense & Sensibility. Dates ranging from 1897 to 1919 some undated, not unreasonably priced from $2 to 8. But I can’t help worrying that book dealers must check prices online so I’m unlikely to sell anything. There was a gorgeous Illustrated Dante’s Inferno for $25 from probably the 1890’s which was over 10 inches tall. Then I find the travel postcards from europe in the 40s or 50s. Paper Ephemera, photography and travel! I must have them. If they don’t sell they are totally frame-able. Then the seller is quite nice and offers me a box and to hold my items while I looked around.

So then more tables of stuff and I spot the linens. Scaves and gloves and some adorable vintage hats. But the gloves are so tiny and I have 11 pairs coming from ebay this week. Granted they are lovely red leather with scalloped edges or white leather with precious lines of pearl embroidery. But I’m strong and pick up only a green & white polka dot silk scarf. Then I spot a vintage 40’s sewing pattern and a box of vintage nylons by Murray in a sort of sparkly gold color.

As I continue on I come across more vintage patterns from another seller for way cheap. Then an old lady with antique jewelry. Personally, I rarely wear brooches but a pretty silver art deco sort of piece catches my eye which would be perfect on one of my hats and a gold star bust with a pearl which is very Mad Men’s Joan Holloway. She named a price I wasn’t prepared to pay though, so I put them back and after some other customers left she said she’d give them both to me for a more reasonable price. So I relented and bought them.

So all in all for less than $50: 1 scarf, 2 pairs of nylon thigh highs for garters, 2 brooches, 4 patterns, 3 books of postcards (30 from Florence, 10 from Naples, 20 from Rome).

joan holloway gold brooch buy

For more pictures check out my flickr or etsy store.

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